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Good health adds Years to your Life & Life toYears!

Infinite Herbal Solutions Private Limited (IHS) is a company established in the year 2021 involved in selling and promotion of Herbal & Ayurvedic supplements. Our registered office is located at 573 17, Adarsh Nagar, opposite Haryana Gramin Bank, Jhajjar, Haryana – 124103. We at IHS are very inspired with the words of a famous Greek Physician and Father of English Medicine -Hippocrates who said in the year 440 BC, “Let food be thy medicine & let thy medicine be food”. With Ayurveda as our heritage, we decided to work in the field of natural supplements. Our Modus Operandi involves searching and making strategic alliance with credible cultivators, suppliers and manufacturers (acknowledging their expertise) to bring the finished products in the best possible form while giving all these parties a fair chance to serve better. We support right pricing, discourage unnecessary competition and have high respect for the peers who have brought this industry to this level. However, at the same time we also have great concern on unscrupulous distribution of low-quality products that may actually harm the consumer, defame the Science of Life and can cause substantial loss to the industry. We want our consumer should get best products at the correct price.

Our Logo- Lotus flower is renowned for its ability to blossom in murky waters of even the muddiest pond. They are the symbol for mankind's ability to break free and bloom from the struggles of our daily lives. Lotus also represent Prosperity and Purity. The Oval shape represents the globe. The Green Color reminds us that the Nature is the biggest healer. The Golden Color says that a good Health is the biggest wealth.

Our products are not made with intention to Diagnose, Treat or Cure any Disease. We work with a clear disclaimer that our products are for supplementation purpose and If a user has any medical condition, or she is pregnant, lactating, then a doctor must be consulted before using ours or any other food supplements. At INFINITE HERBAL SOLUTIONS PVT. LTD we bring to you the best quality products from the extensive range of Herbs available in India and overseas. Our products are manufactured in compliance with stringent quality regulations, code and standards. The efficacy and ease of consumption makes our brand stand unique in the market. IHS has been formed in the middle of pandemic to counter the novel challenges faced by mankind in the most holistic and natural way. We bring ultra-premium products, in pocket friendly size Our Journey towards a Healthy World has begun with carefully chosen 32 Premium Products which include Dietary Supplements & Ayurvedic Formulations. We will soon expand our range to cater Beverages, Groceries & Personal Care items in best quality at an unbeatable price.

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